Advocacy meeting with the High Commissioner of Canada

EARTHSPRING MEETING & THE COALITION OF NGO’S WITH THE HIGH COMMISSION OF CANADA Reason for Meeting: Appeal of Collaboration of the Canadian High Commission with the Coalition of NGOs to Advocate for Prisons Reforms and Awareness of Human Rights in Nigeria. It was a great meeting with the Coalition of NGOs with the First Secretary of Canadian High Commission John Crysler. NGOs represented was the Host CURE Nigeria ED- Mr. Sylvester and Caleb (staff), the ED of CENPRIR- Mr. Smart (ED) & Mrs. Helen (PO), EARTHSPRING INTERNATIONAL-Oscar Ifiok & Miss Maryam. The meeting was held in Café De Vie at Amazon Street in Maitama, Abuja-Nigeria at about 11am Nigeria time. The following point was brought to the attention of the Canadian High Commission Secretary; -To appeal to the High Commission to support in Prison Reforms and awareness of Human Rights in Nigeria. -To take action of children in Adult Prisons (Lagos, Anambra, Kano and Enugu Prisons). -Building of Prisons (New Facilities that meets with international standard). -Reformation of juvenile facilities (Ilorin, Abeokuta & Kaduna) -Increasing feeding amount for Inmate from N450. -Inmates dying in prison due to torture and action not taken

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