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Earthspring International Outreach (EIO) is a not-for-profit, faith-based, charity, non-political and civil organization in partnership with the Vincentian Fathers, known as, Congregation of the Mission. The Organization was founded in 2008 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria with registration Number. RC 57999.

With a team of result-driven Board of Trustees and committed management and staff, EIO is positioned to making a difference in the areas of health, education, human rights advocacy, environment deliverables, prisoners’ welfare and rehabilitation, mother and child protection, countering of trafficking in person, youth development and catering for those socially excluded and displaced due to conflict and wars.

Organization Organogram

Board of Trustees | Learn more

Earthspring International has a team of four men (4) and three women (3) of proven integrity and track records, seasoned and consummate professionals in the various fields of endeavors, who are passionate to the drive the goals and values of the organization to people’s lives. They are drawn from the fields of law, health, economics, management, business, religion and academics

On the Organogram, the BOT occupies the top tier of governance structure and control responsible for the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer, approval of the conditions of service of all staff as well as the approval of the annual work plan and its cost, budgets, audit reports and other cutting-edge initiatives and programs.

While the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to the BOT, he leads the day to day organizational administration and assisted by the Program Director, Head of Finance and Administrative Secretary on the management level. Other supporting staff include the ICT Officer, Accountant, the Volunteer Desk Officer (VDO) and Logistics Officer. The management team is saddled with the responsibility of formulating policies, procedures and establishing systems for the seamless running and financing of the organization.

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The management team is saddled with the responsibility of formulating policies, procedures and establishing systems for the seamless running and financing of the organization.
They include:
Rev. Fr. Victor Nyoroh,CM (Executive Director)
Mr. Paul Ejembi (Administrtive Manager)
•• Ms Agnes Egwu (Desk Officer)
Ms Lydia Adinnu (M/E Officer)
Solomon Matthias (ICT Officer)
Chiamaka Ada Pius (Programme Manager)
Ms Chinedu Anah (YG Volunteer Officer)

Staff & States Coverage

EIO has 24 full-time employees, of which 10 are in r Kuje (Abuja) Headquarters Office while 14 others are at the states offices covering, Niger, Benue, Nasarawa, Kogi, kaduna Plateau, Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. On the team also are 100 volunteers, 8 part-time workers and 5 consultants on different focus areas.

Our Vision

Where everybody has equal access to the basic resources for a better life

Our Mission

To reach out to people in the periphery and to provide opportunity for self-reliance through advocacy and impactful service delivery.


To enhance Behavioral modification, learning, empowerment, reintegration and rehabilitation


Our values are Team work, Accountability, Commitment, Motivation, Creativity/Innovation, Providence, and Vincentian

Mission Statement

Earthspring International Outreach is a leading name and a strong brand in advocacy and impactful service delivery to persons living in difficult setting with bias to women and children in prison and victims of conflict situation. EIO places thrust on human rights, women and children, health, prisoners’ welfare and rehabilitation, environment, youth empowerment and the socially displaced.

It is endowed with the capacity and skills to identify gaps in laws, policies and programs of government that overlook the vulnerable and bring about positive change to those outside the net. Employing the tools of Advocacy, it goes all out to strengthening both local and national institutions, frameworks, and units that will respond deliberately and timeously to the needs of the community and the people, particularly the vulnerable.

Key Activities | Learn more

• Environmental awareness and protection campaign
• Human rights
• Prison intervention services
• Women, Youth and Children development
• Youth Value Orientation
• Project and Capacity building
• Advocacy and Community-based Entrepreneurship development

Current Focus

EIO is currently focusing on the advocacy and intervention on activities involving reformation, reintegration and rehabilitation of prison inmates in the North Central region of Nigeria including Benue, Nassarawa, Niger, Kogi and Plateatu States, and FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. Concern is placed higher here on the ‘returning citizens’ – that is the freed inmates who, out of frustration, preferred prison than remaining a frustrated fellow in the society.

Life after prison can be frustrating and challenging and this is definitely true. When it comes to rehabilitation, funding freed incarcerated to reintegrate properly in the society often present great challenge. Besides, the courage to face stigmatization and some forms of rejection becomes obvious that the freed incarcerated persons prefer to return to prison than being so identified and dejected. In view of the above, Earthspring developed a program called “Take Them Out and Keep Them Out” (T.O.K.O). TOKO would be used as an advocacy instrument/program to support the courage to remain being reitegrated than returning to the prison out of frustration and thus reduce ‘return to prisons preferences’.


1. Communication skills
2. Family relation/parental skill
3. Reconciliation
4. Gang Recovery strategies
5. Cognitive processes for thought recovery
6. Developing Talents
7. Breaking the vicious circle in influence and Emotion
8. Domestic Violence prevention
9. Psychological therapy
10. Basic skills (How to write Resume, Apply for job, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and management, Culinary Art, Job training and job interview, Courtesy and Etiquettes, Basic legal knowledge)
11. Survival Strategies (Health, housing and job)
12. Anger Management

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