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Special Programme for over 1300 Youth/Ex-Prisoners

Earthspring International carries out a reentry and recovery program developed by for the youth and the prisoners, otherwise known as Take them Out and Keep them Out (T.O.K.O.)

The objective is to promote and cultivate through information, training, education for behavioral modification, skill acquisition, empowerment and reintegration of the ex-prisoners. About 1,300 prison inmates have graduated from this program and reintegrated in their communities and contributing to their families and their communities.

The activities include information technology as tools to cope with life outside prison, communication skills, counseling and offender-victim reconciliation, gang recovery strategies , cognitive processes for thought recovery to roll back criminal thought patterns and behaviors, talent developments, how to break the vicious circle of negative influences and emotions, Domestic Violence prevention Strategies (DVP), psychosocial therapy.

They are also exposed to basic skills on how to write resume for job application , career choices, how to apply for a job, entrepreneurship, leadership and management skills, culinary art, job training and job interview, courtesy and etiquettes principle, basic legal knowledge, survival strategies (health, housing, job, accidents etc.), anger management, treatment for substance abuse disorders and other aftercare services available and where they could be located.

Advocacy and Leadership Training for the young leaders and entrepreneurs in 2015.

One hundred and two (102) youths benefited with the objective empowering young people especially women to assume leadership roles and building their capacity as policy drivers.

Establishment of Mother and Child Healthcare Units. Reproductive, Maternal, and Newborn and Child Adolescence Healthcare units 2016.

Earthspring International works with women and children in Nigeria prisons throughout the federation. But at the moment concentrates its advocacy and interventions on the North- central region of Nigeria in Benue, Nassarawa, Niger, Kogi, Plateau States and Abuja, the Federal Capital. The establishment of the mother and child units were SULEJA, LAFIA AND KEFFI Correctional Custodial Centers, to improve the health of female inmate and infants in the prison. Access to reproductive health services was completely non-existence in the prison. In these prisons the female inmates attested that they have no slightest idea about family planning (FB). In every 15 female inmates, 1 may be pregnant, either arrested while they are pregnant or pregnant as a result sexual abuse allegedly by the care givers while in custody.

Rehabilitation & Reintegration Program

From 2016 up till date Earthspring International has trained and rehabilitated 621 prison inmates after their release from prison and empowered 210 young persons with vocational skills such as tiling, welding, tailoring, soap making, carpentry and offered startup kits for outstanding beginners. It has also conducted educational programs for school-dropout in prison- inmates for General Certificate Examination (GCE) that will assist to further their education out of prison.

Skill acquisition training for 83 Women

Earthspring trained 83 women in skills acquisition such as bead-making, baking, hair making, soap-making, tailoring and hygiene and first aids for the family in the events of domestic accidents. They were also empowered with starter packs and seed money. During her monitoring exercises conducted, 36 were already setting up their small shops for their products.

Empowerment of 300 Ex-Convicts through Vocational Training in Akwa Ibom and Cross River

Mobilization: Reach out to the potential beneficiaries through mobilization and outreach initiatives encouraging men, women and girls enhance their skills by enrolling for the training Training Preference: 6 months training course for the beneficiaries as per their interest and feasibility Exposure Trips: skill enhancing exposure trips for the beneficiaries to improve their selling & negotiation skills Recognition: Post successful completion of the course, certificates disbursed to the beneficiaries

Building of 5 units of Toilets facilities

Earthspring to combat the menace of waste disposals in the Prison built a 5 units toilet facility for the staff and inmates of Kuje prison. This was extended to the Open prison in Gwagwalada for prisoners awaiting release at the completion of their jail terms.

Eye Clinic

In partnership with Theresa Eyamba Idem Foundation, Earthspring organized an outdoor Eye Clinic for the Prison inmates in Kuje Prison and Suleja prisons and donated eye syrups/drugs after diagnoses and correction eye glasses for 52 inmates and 10 staff in Kuje, 22 inmates in Suleja prison.

Sensitization Workshop/Seminar

Earthspring organized a Church-Prison-Media Collaboration Seminar/Workshop in 3 zones of FCT Abuja for mutual information sharing for Prison Returnees into the society. It also sensitizes the 210 participants on the conditions of the prison inmates to advocate to the government on prison de-congestion and aftercare needs of the ex-convicts.

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