ICT as a Tool for Youth Empowerment

ICT as a Tool for Youth Empowerment The clamor for youth empowerment is intensified considering the global economic meltdown and the ravaging economic recession biting hard on developing countries, especially African countries. The mass retrenchment of workers by multi-national companies, private and public sectors, and supposedly nonexistent or perhaps, inadequate white-cola jobs make youth empowerment more needed now than ever. Youth empowerment is indeed the way to go. But such empowerment has to be Information and Communication Technology (ICT) driven. ICT as the equipment used for capturing, processing, storing, transmitting and accessing information which has offered Educators and Leaners from all walks of life tremendous opportunities in information handling and utilization. Information and communication Technologies are basically driven from two core technologies — information and communication. Communication and access to information are the hallmark of ICT which guarantees critical awareness. Critical awareness entails the process of providing youth with the information and resources necessary for analyzing issues that affect their lives and environment as well as strategize on ways to act as change agents in their communities. Empowerment connotes economic opportunities. Well-meaning global leaders today clamour for economic empowerment of the youths; youths themselves desire it. Journal of Public Administration and Social Welfare Research Vol. 2 No.1 2017 Alexander A. Onwumere, PhD School of General Studies Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagow

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